ADCC winner Gordon Ryan blames Joe Biden after thieves steal truck

In a surprising turn of events, BJJ icon Gordon Ryan recently took to social media to share the distressing news that his prized truck was stolen under the cover of the night.

The incident unfolded with the culprits raiding several vehicles in the vicinity. They seized not only the TRX but also a cache of firearms, knives, and a substantial amount of ammunition that was stowed away in the vehicle.

Ryan expressed his frustration by offering a substantial $5,000 reward for anyone capable of providing information leading to the recovery of his stolen truck or a tip uncovering the whereabouts of his valuable possessions.

Undeterred by the unfortunate turn of events, Ryan decided to take matter into his hands. Through his Instagram, he shared the details of the incident. He also made a passionate plea to his fans for assistance in locating the stolen truck.

Expressing his determination, he announced a substantial $5,000 reward for anyone contributing to the recovery of his prized possession.

But in a surprising twist, Ryan shifted the blame to U.S. President Joe Biden. He attributed the incident to the current state of affairs in the country. The connection between the theft and political commentary remains unclear.

He said: “Here in Joe Biden’s America, someone just stole my f*cking [RAM] TRX out of the driveway last night at 3:30 a.m. They also stole a bunch of stuff from other people’s cars — guns and stuff like that. I had a couple of John’s knives in there, probably a thousand rounds of ammunition.”

“I’ll be offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can point me to this truck. If you can get me this truck back, I will send you $5,000. If you actually give me a piece of information that allows me to get this truck back, I’ll send you $5,000.”

In the aftermath of this perplexing incident, the BJJ king’s stolen TRX remains at large. Only time will tell if he finally recovers it.

Ryan’s rival Craig Jones took the opportunity to poke fun at his rival over this new predicament.