9-Year-old Hasbulla lookalike vies for a chance to face him in MMA

Nine-year-old ‘Hasbulla doppelganger’ Issac Pruitt is confident he can take down the social media star in a match.

The young Pennsylvania native has been gaining attention due to his uncanny resemblance to Hasbulla, a UFC personality and internet sensation. Despite their resemblance and Pruitt being a fan of Hasbulla, Pruitt believes he has what it takes to beat Hasbulla in a match.

In a recent interview, Pruitt expressed his admiration for Hasbulla. On being asked about his resemblance with the social media star, Pruitt stated: “I actually kind of like it. He’s one of my favourite celebrities.”

When it came down to who would win in a match, Pruitt gave a wink and suggested he could easily defeat Hasbulla. Pruitt said in a TikTok video: “It doesn’t make any sense… I’m 9, Hasbulla’s 20, we are gonna be able to fight but if we were able to fight who would you vote on? Who would win? [winks].”

Like Hasbulla, Pruitt suffers from dwarfism as well. However, his doctors see a chance for him to grow.

According to his mother Lillete Pruitt, they noticed he was not growing as fast as other children his age when he was two years old. After some tests, they found out he had pituitary growth hormone deficiency.

His mother stated: “He was two years old, and we noticed that he wasn’t getting as big as the other two-year-olds that he played with. We took him to the doctor, they did some bone tests, and they noticed that his hands were the size of a nine-month-old at the age of two.”

“They started running some more blood work, did some more tests, MRIs and then they told us that he had pituitary growth hormone deficiency.”


Despite his condition, Pruitt has gained a following on social media as ‘Officer Isaac’. He has been determined to serve and protect society since a young age. The New York Police Department was impressed with his courage and decided to reward him by swearing him and his sister into the force as honorary sergeants and police officers.

Hasbulla gained popularity in the world of combat sports for being a massive MMA fan. He has since become friends with UFC president Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and other prominent figures in the sport. While it is unclear if Pruitt and Hasbulla will ever meet, MMA fans will surely be looking forward to that possibility.