7 Years after a devastating injury, Boxer Prichard Colon is still suffering from issues caused by an illegal move

Prichard Colón is a former boxer who was a rising talent in the sport. He was an unstoppable force, back in 2015.

Colón had an unblemished record of 16 wins, 13 of which concluded with resounding knockouts. His prowess reverberated across the Puerto Rican, Dominican Republican, and American regional scenes.

Just a month after his triumph over Vivian Harris, Colón faced off against Terrel Williams. The match took a disheartening turn as Colón’s opponent persistently targeted the back of his head, a blatant illegal move in the world of boxing. Despite Colón’s repeated pleas to the referee, no action was taken.

In a moment of frustration, Prichard Colón retaliated with an illegal blow to Williams’ groin. As the rounds progressed, the blows to Colón’s head intensified.

Colón was knocked down twice in round nine and reported feeling lightheaded as a result of numerous hits to the back of the head. He was determined to go on, but his corner accidentally took off his gloves.

They thought the match was over, and the referee disqualified him as a result. Post-match, Colón’s condition took a dire turn.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage before falling into a coma for 221 days. This injury sounded the final bell on his boxing career.

Since that fateful day, Prichard Colón’s life has been a series of ups and downs. Through it all, his mother has stood as a beacon of support and has kept everyone updated on his progress.

Recently, she shared a heartwarming video of Colón celebrating his 31st birthday. The joy in his eyes at the sight of a birthday cake and a signed boxing glove from Puerto Rican music icon Daddy Yankee is very wholesome.

While the boxing ring may now be a distant memory for Colón, his journey is far from over. With unwavering determination, he has adapted to a new way of life and relies on a mobile chair for mobility and a specialized computer for communication.