5 Ways To Control Your Bladder – When There’s no Loo In Sight

How often do you find yourself just wanting to pee just before you go to sleep? Well here are some easy tips to delay needing to pee just incase you don’t feel like getting up!

According to one study, lying down actually significantly helps in relieving your bladder pressure. To stand up, you use your core and abdominal muscles to hold your posture so standing is actually more likely to put pressure on your bladder and make you pee.


Crossing Your Legs

If you’ve ever played The Sims you might’ve noticed how your sim behaves when they’re just about to soil themselves. Apparently this leg crossing motion is more than an urban myth – it’s based on anatomy. The urethra is a tube that leads the pee out of your body. This position makes you squeeze the tube. One side note – if you do this while sitting you’ll actually add more pressure to the bladder not less so only use while in other positions.

Don’t Laugh

Laughing engages abdominal muscles and the core. And with each subsequent contraction your muscles in surrounding areas get more tense which doesn’t help since the urethra release is controlled by the sphincter muscle. So Laughing in situations where you’re looking to relieve the bladder certainly won’t help!

Think Of A Distraction

When the bladder is about half full, the nerves tell the brain that it’s time to go – this effectively means you have some wiggle room. So next time you need to pee, try watching something on youtube or scrolling through your phone

Clench Your Butt

Clenching your butt relies on a similar mechanism. Clenching your butt cheeks is a good exercise to tighten the sphincter muscles – muscles which will help prevent urine leakake and help you hold urine inside the bladder.

Avoid Water

While you’d think this goes without saying  – you might not be familiar with the phenomenon. Swimming in cold water will not be helpful if you’re determined not to relieve the bladder.