5 Pairs Of Brothers making waves in Mixed Martial arts

In the sport of MMA there are a number of siblings capable to rising at the top of their respective divisions. Siblings inevitably scrap as they grow up, but it’s hard to imagine their parents were aware that their scraps will enable them to professionally benefit.

Nick and Nate Diaz are perhaps the most famous pair of siblings active in MMA. Nick Diaz is a longtime veteran. He has a record consisting of 26 wins and 10 losses. Nate Diaz is the younger of the two – and has a record consisting of 20 wins and 13 losses.

While majority of UFC fans are familiar with Gilbert Burns they might not be aware that his brother Herbert is also signed to UFC. Gilbert Burns rose to prominence in MMA after his switch to the Welterweight division. He became a notable contender competing against former teammate Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title. Meanwhile Herbert recently suffered a serious setback when he shredded his ACL in the cage after a return from ACL surgery.

Javid Basharat left an impression in his UFC debut but many might not realize that Basharat is also rooting that the UFC sign his younger brother Farid. Both are undefeated in MMA with Javid having 12 victories to Farid’s 8.

Kamaru Usman and Muhammad Usman were born in Nigeria but moved to Nebraska when they were young. Kamaru Usman is 2 years older than Muhammad. Usman brothers achieved a unique feat – they’re the only pair of brothers to have won their respective seasons of TUF.

Leon Edwards became the new Welterweight champion over the weekend. What you might not be aware of is that he has a brother who is a contender over at Bellator – Fabian Edwards. Fabian Edwards is just a year younger than Leon.

While Leon racked up impressive 20 victories and just 3 losses in his MMA career, Fabian has just 10 wins and 2 losses. Fabian recently defeated UFC veteran Lyoto Machida at Bellator 281.