48 year old UFC legend Akihiro Gono suffers nasty injury in MMA come back

Akihiro Gono, a seasoned name in the early days of mixed martial arts, recently made a return to the cage after a four-year hiatus. Despite his age of 48, he demonstrated his enduring spirit and competitiveness in a match against up-and-coming athlete Tetsuya Izuchi within the Japan-based MMA promotion GLEAT.

The GLEAT Mega event on August 4 in Tokyo witnessed a fierce battle between Gono and Izuchi. Both fighters exhibited relentless determination and engaged in a hard-fought contest that lasted three rounds. Despite the age and size difference, Gono emerged victorious against an opponent much younger and potentially bigger than him.


However, the match took a toll on Gono, leaving him with a horrifying injury. Akihiro Gono shared the aftermath on his social media account, posting X-ray images of his broken jaw and a picture of his visibly crooked mouth. The injury visibly demonstrated the physical toll that the intense match had taken on him.

In his Instagram post, Gono revealed that he had been training diligently after his extended break from MMA, and he expressed his fatigue but determination to fight hard and potentially compete in Brazil next year. The injury serves as a testament to his tenacity and resilience as an athlete.

Akihiro Gono is well-regarded for his contributions to the sport, having competed in renowned MMA promotions like Pancrase, PRIDE FC, UFC, and Bellator MMA. His recent return to the cage at 48 years old showcases his enduring passion for MMA and his willingness to challenge himself despite the physical risks.