200lbs boxer winces in pain after absorbing single leg kick from 155lbs MMA star

In a recent viral video making rounds on social media, a dramatic incident unfolded that captured the attention of combat sports enthusiasts. The video showcased a powerful 203-pound boxer facing off against a 155-pound MMA combatant, and what happened next left a lasting impression.

With lightning speed, the MMA combatant executed a precise leg kick that landed squarely on the 203-pound boxer’s thigh. The boxer’s immediate response was undeniable; he winced in pain, vividly demonstrating the impact of the strike.

The video quickly gained momentum, sparking reactions from fans all over the world,

Among the comments, one fan’s observation stood out: “That’s why boxers never switch to MMA…! They know…”

Another fan added a touch of humor to the discussion: “Why would a BOXER want to do MMA? They’re called boxers for a reason lmao”

As the video continued to circulate, another fan humorously chimed in: “Nobody show Bradley Martin,” referencing the popular fitness influencer.

In a significant development within the MMA world, The Korean Zombie (named Chan Sung Jung) recently announced his retirement from the sport. This decision came in the wake of a memorable bout against former featherweight champion Max Holloway at a UFC Fight Night event held in Singapore.

Following his last bout, Jung left his gloves inside the cage. He also provided deeper insights into his decision through his YouTube channel.

He recounted the moment when Max Holloway extended a helping hand to him after their intense bout, saying: “At that moment when Max was helping me up, that is when I clearly realized that it was time for me to go.”

Jung also shared what played a central role in his retirement decision:

“I felt that my chin is not the same with the 23-year-old me when I fought Dustin in the past. Being constantly wobbled and knocked down – I mean, even with top-notch technique, it’s impossible to not get hit at all in MMA. That’s when I decided it was time for me to go.”