18 year-old UFC fighter, Raul Rosas Jr, chokes out opponent in first round to break UFC record

Teenage prospect Raul Rosas Jr. choked out Jay Perrin in the first round to become the UFC’s youngest winner.

After a convincing victory over Mando Gutierrez in the Contender Series in September, Rosas was signed by the UFC. In order to win the unanimous decision, the high school student displayed plenty of abilities. After Rosas’ victory, Dana White said that he had never seen a anyone quite like Rosas.

The Mexican impressed the Las Vegas audience by knocking his opponent to the ground in the first exchange of his bout with Perrin. Rosas gripped Perrin’s back and attempted to choke him, but the American initially defended.

Despite Perrin rising to his feet and frantically attempting to free himself from Rosas’ hold, the Mexican was not releasing the choke. Once the bout hit the ground, things only got worse for Perrin as Rosas was able to place his choking arm under the chin and make him tap out. Rosas asked for a $50,000 bonus during his cage interview in order to purchase his mother a minivan.

Rosas said:

“I’m living the dream right now. Dana [White], I need the $50,000 bonus so I can buy my mother a minivan and she can give me a ride to the PI [Performance Institute]. I knew I was going to be here at this age, I have no nerves and no pressure. I feel free and I love what I’m doing. Right now, I have introduced myself but I’m coming for that belt.”

“I feel comfortable fighting with anybody. I know I’ve still got to get better but even right now, if I was to fight the UFC champion, I know I would take him out. Not only win, but finish him. I keep getting better and better, but even at this level I can beat anybody,” Rosas said.