136lbs boxer Ryan Garcia accepts Bradley Martyn’s sparring request with a caveat

Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has embraced social media influencer Bradley Martyn’s proposal for a sparring session.

Bradley Martyn is a renowned American bodybuilder and fitness influencer. He has consistently asserted that his weight and formidable strength could potentially triumph over professional competitors, even in unregulated “street fight” scenarios.

On his popular podcast Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, the 34-year-old influencer has boldly expressed his belief that in a street brawl  with no rules, his physical attributes would enable him to overpower professional combatants. He would be able to defeat MMA athletes and boxers due to his substantial weight and strength advantage.

However, critics of Martyn’s assertion have highlighted the fact that his presumed advantage might not be sufficient to bridge the skill gap when pitted against trained professional combatants.

Undeterred by skepticism, Bradley Martyn has taken a bold step by engaging with 25-year-old American boxing sensation Ryan Garcia on Instagram. Martyn’s comment was directed at a post where Garcia shared images and videos of his sparring session with social media influencers Adin Ross and Rangesh Mutama, popularly known as “N3on.”

Martyn’s comment on the post was simple and challenging. He wrote: “Me next.”

A keen observer among the fans noted that Garcia’s last competitive bout took place at a catchweight of 136 pounds. He then went on to say: “does he know your 260?”

In response, Garcia didn’t shy away from the challenge but added a condition. He agreed to spar with Martyn but only body shots would be exchanged during the session.

Garcia responded by saying: “@bradleymartyn all body shots let’s do it”

Predictably, Martyn’s bold move stirred various reactions from fans. Some accused Martyn of potentially using steroids, insinuating that his challenge was a calculated effort to enter the world of influencer boxing.

Others confidently predicted that Garcia would swiftly defeat the bodybuilder.

In his recent boxing match, Ryan Garcia experienced a significant setback as he suffered a seventh-round knockout against his long-standing rival Gervonta Davis in April 2023. This loss marked the first defeat of Garcia’s iconic professional boxing career.

Following this defeat, Garcia has set his sights on facing Rolando Romero next. Alongside the potential match against ‘Rolly,’ Garcia issued a bold warning to UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley, asserting his ability to dominantly defeat the MMA combatant should he venture into the realm of boxing.