Zion Clark told he has the upper body strength of a UFC champion

Zion Clark has received memorable praise from his teammate AJ McKee.

He was born with caudal regression syndrome which affects the development of the lower half of the body. This rare condition only occurs every one in 60,000 births.

Even though the odds were not in his favor, he has taken the MMA world by storm.

Clark won his first professional outing by unanimous decision at Gladiator’s challenge this month. His story of rising to the top is inspiring for many. It proves that it is all about mindset and that nothing is impossible.

Other than excelling at MMA, he has proved himself to be an all-rounder as he is also excellent at track and field.

Mckee said that Clark has the strength of UFC champion Francis Ngannou’s strength. In a recent interview with  CBS Sports, in regard to Clark, McKee said:

“I think people have mistaken him as ‘Oh, well he doesn’t have any legs, he can’t fight’. You guys don’t understand, he’s been wrestling since he was a child,”

He continued:

“He wrestled college-level…he’s been in it. To implement a little bit of striking and to just show him where he’s at different angles, opening his front headlock game, and then fighting a guy that’s 125lbs… this man has the upper torso of a Francis Ngannou.”

“He’s easily a 220lber. This man is huge! And anybody who is 125lbs, when he grabs them…it’s unreal.”

Mckee compared himself to Clark: “Me being a 155lber, I go neck and neck with him with the grip,”

He further said:

“But I also have my father’s McKee strength…when he goes with the other guys in the gym, his wrist control is phenomenal. And I think he’s gonna go out there and keep shocking the world.”

Clark isn’t quite ready to give up his MMA aspirations despite the fact that he’s in a quite an uphill battle when it comes to matching the fittest combat sports athletes out there.

Mckee is not the only person to have complemented Clark. UFC’s biggest star, Conor McGregor also publicly shared praise.

McGregor tweeted: “Absolutely fascinating to hear about this man’s debut and now see it. Lighting entry on the low single. Wow!”

“You should not connect to him in any shape or form. Frames only. Frame to strike. Fascinating! Congrats and so much respect to that man Zion Clark! MMA is the best sport!”

Even while attempting to suggest a strategy to take on Clark, the former UFC double champion insisted that “very few on the earth” would be capable of doing it.

He said: “Can’t kick as he is grounded opponent. The only way to stop him is to develop KO-ending shots mid-transitions in grappling. Very few on the planet possess this skill.”

“And to 3/4 way downward punch a jab there is just no power. Look at opponent’s attempt before the shot. Wild!”