Yuki Yoza declared the winner by knockout after a kick to Kan Nakamura’s groin

Yuki Yoza claimed victory by knockout in a controversial bout against Kan Nakamura during the highly anticipated face-off at RISE ELDORADO 2024. The event, featuring a series of matchups between K-1 and RISE stars, stirred excitement among fans eager to witness the clash between Yoza and Nakamura.

In a startling turn of events, Yoza was declared the winner after a kick to Nakamura’s groin area in the third round. Despite protests and allegations of foul play, referee Wada determined that the kick landed on the thigh, ultimately sealing Yoza’s victory. This decision sparked outrage among spectators and garnered attention as a potential “Robbery of the Year.”

The contentious nature of the match fueled discussions surrounding the rules and regulations of combat sports. While Combat Sambo and Leithwei permit groin shots, other disciplines like UFC have strict regulations against such tactics. In the early days of UFC, groin strikes were allowed, leading to memorable moments like Keith Hackney’s punches to Joe Son’s groin. However, modern rulesets have since evolved to prioritize athlete safety and fairness.

This stacked card promises to deliver an action-packed night of elite-level action.

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Kan Nakamura vs. Yuki Yoza
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