YouTuber Deji is still waiting to get paid for boxing Floyd Mayweather, 6 months later

YouTube sensation Deji has revealed that he still hasn’t received his full payment for his exhibition bout with boxing icon Floyd Mayweather in Dubai last November.

Mayweather has been touring the world since retiring in 2017, taking part in exhibition bouts against opponents who pose little threat to him. Deji journeyed to the Middle East for his bout against Mayweather, losing by stoppage in the eighth round. In the end, the pay-per-view event did not achieve much success.

Global Titans (the Middle Eastern company that organized the event) have since disappeared from social media and it is unclear what they will do next.

Deji stated on his channel that he is still awaiting payment from Global Titans over six months after the bout. Both received considerable purses, but Mayweather was paid considerably more than Deji. The YouTuber then revealed that Global Titans had disappeared and still hadn’t paid him.

In a video response to a Reddit post asking where the promotion had gone, Deji said: “Global Titans? Yeah they just fully disappeared. They still owe me money, actually. I enjoyed sharing the ring with Floyd Mayweather and that’s enough payment in itself.”

Deji expressed his admiration for Mayweather despite the one-sided nature of the bout, revealing that the opportunity to share the ring with a boxing legend was reward enough for him.

He added: “I got to share the ring with a great. He was nice to me, yeah, he took the p*** in the ring but I still hold so much respect for him, I think he’s a solid guy. A d***head, but solid!”

Deji’s bout with Mayweather was quite weird since Mayweather chose to dance about and sometimes toy with his inferior opponent. However, the YouTuber landed one big shot at Mayweather that left the boxing icon with a rare bruise. Despite the moral victory, Deji hasn’t competed since.

On the other hand, Mayweather will return to the ring on June 11. He will be competing against John Gotti III, who is making the move from MMA.

Deji isn’t the only person who has had issues with Global Titans. Tommy Fury was forced into an exhibition bout when his bout against Paul Bamba was cancelled due to a weight problem.

The promotion gave the two competitors contracts with different weights. This resulted in Fury coming in considerably heavier than Bamba, who was under the light-heavyweight limit.

Bamba was removed from the card after raising issues over Fury’s weight and has since not been paid, despite honoring his deal. The company’s next moves remain unknown, and it is unclear whether they will address the payment issue with Deji.