Younger Usman brother scores vicious knock out, wins TUF title

Kamaru Usman is the current pound for pound champion in the UFC. The champ is 35 – his two years younger brother Mohammed just scored a UFC contract after making it through the entirety of the last season of TUF.

Mohammed Usman was booked against Zac Pauga in the heavyweight finale of season 30. Pauga started off strong but was not landing much. Speed was on Pauga’s side and Usman took his time guesstimating what he would do next.

In round two Usman got his wings with the jabs and leg kicks. THan he just planted a massive left hook that flatlined Pauga.

To make his case even more convincing Usman landed two massive hammer fists on the lifeless body of Pauga.

This finish effectively is one of the record books with Kamaru and Mohammed becoming the first set of brothers to win the show.

Prior to the event he had to address Kamaru Usman comparisons:
“I had to put the work in to get here,” Usman said.

“We’ll just put you here because your brother is Kamaru Usman.’

“That’s false. Everything about it is yourself. That’s why I love it so much, because as much as people speak about my brother, that’s why I love it because I’m still the one that has to go out there and compete and have to win for you guys to even be up here and talk crap to me and tell me about my brother. If I don’t win, I’m not even getting up here and looking at you guys.”