“You Can Do a Line off My Head” – Henry Cejudo Escalates Conor McGregor War

The Twitter war between former double champions Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor seems to be keep getting hotter and hotter. Things look like they won’t cool down any time soon.

Former UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo has been making some noise on Twitter since Max Holloway pulled out of Bantamweight title fight citing an injury. Cejudo has been asking Dana White for the shot to come back.

When it was announced that  Chan Sung Jung was chosen to replace Holloway instead of Cejudo he took to Twitter to protest. Cejudo explained  why he retired back in 2020  and  took a dig at Conor McGregor at the same time.

“Dana, I needed a break. Honestly, it was getting boring beating up TJ Pillashaw in under a minute and Dominick Snooze in 2. I got married, had a kid and am now rejuvenated. I wanna be 4C. If I beat up an old guy at a bar and learn how to Riverdance will you give me a shot?” he wrote.


McGregor replied by  calling  Cejudo a ‘little fart’ in a since deleted tweet. Cejudo retailated sharing the image of McGregor submitted by Nurmagomedov beside his knockout of Dominick Cruz.

Cejudo later added “What do you know about farting? You always run out of gas.” in another tweet. While McGregor returns fire once more in another deleted tweet with a tweaked poem “Roses are red, lemon is tart, Henry Cejuda is only a little fart,”.

Cejudo then respond again with “I have nothing but respect for you. Hopefully when I see you we can shake hands and you can do a line off my head.”.

McGregor was rumored to be having trouble with substance abuse around the time of his first Nate Diaz fight. His recent behavior hasn’t been able to dissuade fans from believing McGregor is still indulging in prohibited substances.