WWE star claims Joe Rogan is wrong: The Rock isn’t on PEDs, it’s just strong Polynesian genes

Famous UFC color commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan is not a big fan of people who lie about their recreational PED use.

Rogan made it clear that he is not against it, as long as it’s legal. But he hates those who misrepresent. He also doesn’t like how people think if someone is using PEDs it means they don’t work hard.

On his famous podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan often calls out celebrities who lie to their fans about being natural. He has called out many famous figures, including as Chris Hemsworth, Liver King, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson claimed that he tried PEDs back in the day but was noncommittal and played it off like it was one time a long time ago

Rogan is certain that admitting it wouldn’t affect his acting career as it’s pretty much allowed He also added that these things can do good to the body and asked Johnson to be open about his use.

However, Johnson’s cousin and fellow WWE star Rikishi doesn’t agree with Rogan. He recently reported on Rogan’s claim and explained how Johnson’s body is natural. He said that it’s the result of hard work and Polynesian genes.

“Absolutely not. That’s the one thing about Polynesians. You know, do the research. We are all big boned, man. And so, The Rock, you see him. He works out. I mean, if you work out as much as The Rock every day. While people’s in the club partying, Rock’s in the Paradise Gym.” Rikishi said during a talk with InsideFighting.

“I don’t think so. He is natural. Just Polynesian big bones.” Rikishi said.