WWE sale named as reason why parent company didn’t condemn Dana White for wife slapping incident

The recent merger between the parent company of UFC and WWE has created ripples in the sports entertainment industry and the world of MMA.

The deal is one of the biggest ever made, and Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor, has promised that it will be hugely successful. However, some members of the community are raising concerns about the controversies related to the deal.

One person who has been vocal about these controversies is Dan Le Batard, a former ESPN sportswriter.

In a recent podcast episode of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Le Batard made some bold claims about the deal and the people involved.

Le Batard claimed that the reason Endeavor did not comment on Dana White’s controversy was that they could not afford to have two controversial figures in a cage while the deal was being done.

Le Batard said, “I try to abstain from just the eviscerating of human character. Vince McMahon? Truly horrible…He’s back in power. He’s running WrestleMania.”.

“But now you know why Endeavor didn’t comment on Dana White. Now you know. They couldn’t have two of them in a cage while the deal was being done. Because the deal wasn’t done yesterday.”

He also spoke about Vince McMahon’s controversy and called him “truly horrible.” Le Batard’s statements were critical and somewhat taunting.

Le Batard also commented on the fact that while the stars and performers of UFC and WWE work hard using their actual body, the bosses earn loads of money without any consequences. He also called out the fans who are unbothered by what happens behind the scenes.

Stugotz added his own take, highlighting the accusations against the men at the top of the company and how they cash in regardless of any consequences, including various allegations and even video evidence of their problematic behavior.

Despite the controversy surrounding the merger, Le Batard believes that it will be profitable. However, his statements suggest that he believes there are underlying issues within the companies that need to be addressed.