World Boxing Association ends veto on Russians and Belarusians, places them back into rankings

Sport organization found themselves in a tricky situation after Russia invaded Ukraine back in March.

Both Ukraine and Russia have prominent boxers competing on the world scene.

World boxing governing bodies took various steps when the conflict in Ukraine broke out. This included not sanctioning matches in Russia, not certifying contests involving Russian or Belarusian boxers, and delisting boxers from both nations from their rankings.

This last sanction has just been modified.

According to the WBA, The athletes from those nations are not culprits from the conflict and aren’t participating in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, if they declare their support for the war, they will be disqualified.

“The World Boxing Association (WBA), through its Championships Committee and Rankings Committee, issued a statement in which it decided to return their place in the rankings to fighters from Russia and Belarus. The athletes from this country are not soldiers or part of the government, so they have nothing to do with the war against Ukraine or any ongoing conflict. However, it was determined that any fighter who speaks out in favor of the war or is involved in it will be removed immediately”

Gilberto Mendoza Jr. heads the WBA. The organisation reached the decision after careful consideration in the hopes that soon boxers from Russia and Belarus would be permitted to compete in world championships.

He said,

“For the sake of the sport and in favor of the careers of these fighters, they will be able to return to the rankings and fight for WBA titles. ”

“The decision was taken after an extensive deliberation of all the members of both committees in the framework of the centennial Convention of the World Boxing Association (WBA), which is being held since last Sunday, December 11 at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando, Florida.”