Women’s college volleyball game dominated by team with three trans athletes

In a startling turn of events, five transgender players reportedly took center stage in a recent women’s college volleyball game in Canada. This incident nfuriated many online, including tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

This incident was captured in video footage by Canadian website Rebel News. It unveiled three trans athletes competing for the Seneca Sting and two for the Centennial Colts during the game on January 24th.


The trans athletes participated throughout the whole match, while biological females did not get to play the match. According to the website, the five were also outstanding throughout the match. They helped Seneca win the best-of-five series with a three-game advantage against Centennial.

Rebel News attended the game based on a tip-off. This infuriated staff members and match officials, some of whom requested that they leave and stop recording.

David Menzies from the website was seen questioning everyone in the video (including Centennial coach Andrew Mallory) about why they were using “male players.”

“I’m not,” was Mallory’s direct response.

Rebel News said that two female players recently had concussions in situations involving trans women, including one who played as a man last season. The website stated that their “volleyball insider told us that the situation is so dire that it is no longer safe for biological women to compete.”

The women’s league is overseen by the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association and has at least six transgender athletes.

According to the league’s policy, a trans female student-athlete undergoing testosterone suppression treatment for Gender Identity Disorder or gender dysphoria must complete one calendar year of treatment before competing on a women’s team.

The controversy surrounding the Jan. 24 game has triggered a strong backlash, intensifying concerns about the future of women’s sports.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova expressed her dismay, stating: “Just how wrong is this? Yup, this wrong. This has to stop!”

She wrote it in response to an X post by author and entrepreneur Paola Diana that read: “This is not diversity. This is cheating. This is insanity. This is misogyny.”