Why is Charles Oliveira called Do Bronx?

Charles Oliveira recalled a story where he and his team came up with his nickname. The former UFC lightweight champion also revealed that they almost named him Charles Favela.

Many successful MMA fighters have a gloomy background where they struggled a lot in life due to poverty.

One of them is Charles Oliveira, who grew up in a favela (slum) in Vincente de Carvalho neighborhood in Guaruja, Brazil.

Previously, the Brazilian athlete revealed the reason he got his nickname – ‘do Bronx’,

The nickname means from the favela or periphery. He got called by that name when moving to the Macaco Gold Team back in the days. His first gym was called ‘Bronx’ so people there called him ‘Charles do Bronx’.

During his recent appearance on Ironberg Podcast, Charles Oliveira provided more detail on how he got his cage name.

“Because “Bronx” means periphery, which is where I come from, right? When I fought the first MMA event, I was too young. I had just turned 18.”

“I fought GP of 3 fights in the same night… And when it was time, the guys were kinda laughing… Will you introduce yourself as Charles Oliveira? You have to invent something.” Oliveira said.

He also explained how they almost named him Charles Favela.

Charles Oliveira Bronx

“I said, do you want me to pick Charles Favela? You are crazy? I won’t do it, bro. And a guy who was on our side said, “Bro, Charles ‘Do Bronx,’ because Bronx is periphery, it’s favela.” Oliveira added.

To this day Charles Oliveira never forgot the place where he was born and raised. The 32-year-old is still supporting the local communities in Vincente de Carvalho neighborhood.

Charles Oliveira is considered an MMA veteran at the age of 32, with a professional record consisting of 33 wins, 8 losses, and 1 draw. After defeating Justin Gaethje, Oliveira is now set to re capture the vacant lightweight belt. Potential opponents include Beniel Dariush, Islam Makhachev and more.