Why did Darren Till back out of Jack Hermansson fight at UFC London? Darren Till shares medical procedure he’s undergoing

Yesterday the news broke that Darren Till is forced out of UFC London co-main event due to an undisclosed injury. Till has been plagued by pull outs for the last couple of years.

Till has had 5 cancelled bouts in the last 2 years and just one actual bout. Till has had fights with Robert Whittaker, Jack Hermansson, Marvin Vettori and Derek Brunson all be cancelled with some of them getting rebooked.

Chris Curtis stepped in to face Jack Hermansson for UFC London but many fans still wonder what actually happened.

A video Darren Till shared to social media might be able to provide some insight.

Till shared a video of his knee undergoing a medical procedure earlier today.

After seeing the video medical experts suggested Till is undergoing a platelet infusion for his knee.

Key points. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an experimental treatment that may reduce pain from osteoarthritis. It uses ingredients from your own blood to treat damaged tissues. Early trials have shown promising results, but experts do not currently recommend its use as per healthline.

Fans speculate that majority of Till’s knee issues stems from his clash with Robert Whittaker back in 2019. At that fight, Whittaker utlized an oblique kick to debilitate Till’s ability to move.

Since then he fought only once – losing to Derek Brunson back in 2021.
After that bout TIll’s coach Colin Heron revealed he completely tore his ACL nine weeks before the fight.

“It happened about nine weeks out, wrestling,” Heron told ESPN. “We got it scanned, looked at properly. The results came back as a completely torn ACL. So, he’s out, isn’t he? That was the advice from me and the doctors. Rest. You can’t do nothing. Surgery is a must. No running, no fast movement, no impact.

“Darren being Darren, he said, ‘Can we give it two weeks and see if I can start running and hit pads?’ And I’m like, ‘No, not really. A torn ACL doesn’t get better by itself. You’re talking surgery and then six months of rehab alone.’ But before you know it he’s talked me into it, as he does. I’ve really only got one option then: support him, whatever his decision is. If he’s not going to take my advice, I’ve got to stick with him. I can’t disown him. We made the best of it that we could.”

Typical recovery for a torn ACL usually ranges between nine and 12 months and involves surgery. But it appears Till never actually underwent surgery and instead opted to go without.