When Strongman Thor Bjornsson called out ex-UFC star on lying about his lifts

In a recent revelation that sent giggles through the fitness community, former UFC star Brendan Schaub found himself in the crosshairs of none other than the mighty Thor Bjornsson over his purported weightlifting prowess.

The narrative began to unfold during one of Schaub’s podcast episodes, where he recounted a peculiar encounter with the famed actor and strongman from Game of Thrones. According to Schaub, Bjornsson didn’t hesitate to question the validity of his lifting achievements.

Schaub claims to have benched 225lbs 40 times – for the sake of comparison – elite NFL stars max out at around 30 repeats.

NFL players bench 225lbs as a part of a specific test that is used to determine their one repeat maximum.

For example, if a player performed 24 reps at 225 pounds, you could predict he his 1RM would be approximately 385 pounds. (221.8+6.81×24 = 385.24).

Thor Bjornsson tore his pec benching 556.7 pounds (e.g. 252.5. Kilograms ). Using the formula from above, Schaub’s 1RM would be 494.2 lbs.

While he’s likely on TRT, he was never an actual NFL star nor a UFC contentder meaning that his tales of extraordinary athleticism are at best  embelished and likely entirely made up.

Schaub went undrafted in the 2006 NFL Draft but would sign with the Arena Football League’s Utah Blaze, before being released in November 2006 without making the roster. He was once more signed to the Blaze in February 2007 but waived two days later as per his wikipedia page.

During their exchange, Schaub attempted to defend his honor, claiming to have achieved a staggering number of repetitions with impressive weights. However, Bjornsson’s skepticism was palpable, and he wasted no time in challenging Schaub to prove his claims.

Despite Schaub’s attempts to downplay the significance of the challenge, Bjornsson persisted, highlighting the importance of integrity, especially in matters of physical strength.

The exchange, while laced with humor and banter, underscored a deeper issue of accountability in the fitness industry. With influencers and personalities often touting exaggerated achievements, Bjornsson’s bold stance serves as a reminder of the importance of authenticity.

Ultimately, Bjornsson’s challenge to Schaub serves as a poignant reminder that in the realm of strength and athleticism, actions speak louder than words.