When UFC veteran Lyoto Machida and his dad explained the benefits of drinking your own pee

Lyoto Machida is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and a revered karate master. He has garnered attention not only for his achievements in the octagon but also for his distinctive health practices.

One such practice is passed down by his father Yoshizo, an 8th dan in Shotokan karate. This practice involves the consumption of urine.

In a interview with Ariel Helwani back in the day, the elder Machida sheds light on the merits of this unconventional health regimen.

Yoshizo Machida explains that the tradition of drinking urine has been a part of their family for generations. He emphasizes that it’s rooted in health reasons, asserting that when you consume food, not all of it gets fully digested and expelled from the body. According to Yoshizo, drinking urine in the morning aids in flushing out the residual toxins.

He said: “The reason why is because it actually is a health reason. And what happens is when you eat and all the food that you eat and you digest, not all of it comes out, but when you drink urine in the morning, it helps flush your system out. So, it basically cleans your system every day when you drink your urine.”

When questioned about Lyoto’s adherence to this practice, Yoshizo reveals that his son embraced urine consumption about two or three years ago to address a persistent cough.

He replied: “Yeah, I mean, the reason why… Lyoto did drink his urine every day up until you know for this fight but you know the reason he started really drinking his urine is about two or three years ago he had this cough, he would take medicine, take medicine, he wouldn’t get rid of it and he asked his Dad, ‘What should I do?’ and he said, ‘Hey, drink your urine, that’s what’s going to keep your healthy,’ and that’s exactly what he did, he drank the urine and within a few days, a few weeks his cough went away and he didn’t have that problem any more.”

Drawing parallels to traditional vaccines, Yoshizo asserts that drinking urine acts as a form of self-immunization, potentially enhancing the body’s natural defenses. He continued: “It’s like a vaccine you know like you know sometimes when you take a vaccine for a disease, you know you’re taking of the same of what you’re trying to fight against and since the urine comes out of your body then you drink it again, it almost serves like a vaccine.”

In an unexpected turn during the interview, the taste of urine became a focal point. Yoshizo describes it as subjective – ranging from sweet to salty, depending on dietary habits. He talks about Japanese soldiers during wartime using urine as a medicinal alternative due to the scarcity of traditional medicine.

This interview resurfaced last night when Rampage Jackson opened up to Ariel Helwani about wanting to ask about this when Lyoto Machida was on his podcast, and wussing out!