When Joe Rogan praised ‘fat shaming’ as an instrument for change

The Joe Rogan Experience had an episode where Rogan discussed the idea of “fat shaming.”

Harsh comments directed toward someone who is seen as overweight is known as “fat shaming.” Joe Rogan justified fat-shaming, stating that he too thinks that it may inspire people to do better.

Rogan says in the video: “No one’s ever been this fat, and then we have these things to shield people from it. We call it fat shaming. You know, don’t tell someone they’re fat.”

“Let them be morbidly obese and go through life at a massive risk of heart attack, stroke, or diabetes. Don’t say anything, because then you’ll hurt their feelings.”

After expressing these ideas, Rogan continued by explaining how he thinks fat shaming could be beneficial for certain individuals.

Rogan stated: “Meanwhile, you could say something to someone, and it might be uncomfortable in the moment, like ‘Hey, Mike. Listen, I don’t want to be that guy, but you gotta lose some weight’.”

“And then that guy could go and look in the mirror and go, ‘F***, I really do need to lose some weight.’ And then they’ll lose some weight, and they’ll be healthy.”

Rogan seems to be downplaying a complicated subject with social, physiological, and medical components. Without delving too far, several research demonstrates that weight stigmatization hinders weight reduction. In the end, it is crucial to be careful with any remarks you make regarding other people’s weight since you can do more damage than good.

Fourth-time world champion in the black belt division of the International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation Mikey Musumeci, was the subject of an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience with Rogan. The UFC analyst questioned Musumeci about his well-known diet, which consists of one meal daily. It is mostly spaghetti and pizza.

Musumeci said what his diet entailed:

“That part of your brain that says, ‘Oh you’re full — stop eating,’ I stopped having from cutting weight so much. So what I started doing was intermittent fasting.”

“So, I would just not eat during the day, because honestly, I don’t like eating before training… I would just eat at night. I just started eating the food I love. I’m Italian, so I grew up just eating pizza and pasta. So, I make pizza and pasta every night.”

It’s certainly an unorthodox diet, but you can’t deny Musumeci’s success. He’s the first American to win more than one IBJFF title at black belt.