When Daniel Cormier went off on UFC host for disrespecting Luke Rockhold

UFC has been steadily employing more and more provocateurs. Just a couple days ago Luke Rockhold stood for RVCA teammate Marlon Vera who was a target of a racially charged provocation by the NELK crowd.

But despite Rockhold’s team switch from AKA to RVCA, Daniel Cormier recently stuck his neck out for Rockhold.

Rockhold has been having a tough time at life. He’s been dealing with personal issues on top of his professional MMA career stagnating for quite some time. Rockhold was one time a MIddleweight champion now he’s on the verge of getting cut.

Ahead of UFC 278, Luke Rockhold has not had a bout in 3 years, has not won in 5 years, and has not been to a decision in 10 years. His MMA record stands at 16 wins and 5 losses.

As a part of UFC 278 promotion UFC featured a program with commentators Daniel Cormier, Laura Sanko and Dan Hellie. While Cormier and Sanko are familiar to most MMA fans, Hellie might not be. He comes from the background of covering NFL and was previously employed by Fox Sports.

Hellie commentates on the Dana White’s UFC Tuesday Night Contender Series – and apparently he’s not fond of Rockhold and went so far as to slam him during a UFC 278 promotional appearance.

Hellie went so far as to imply that the only memorable moment of Rockhold’s career was him losing the title to Michael Bisping.

For all his faults, Cormier wouldn’t stand for this type of disrespect and stood up for longtime friend.

Rockhold went on to perform at UFC 278 and delivered a slugfest in the ‘people’s main event’. Subsequently he retired from the sport saying that ‘he’s too f***ing old.