When Dana White described chilling aftermath of Robbie Lawler’s bout with Rory Macdonald

Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald’s second bout is arguably the most gruesome MMA boutever. The bloody war thrilled UFC president Dana White and many onlookers at home.

Robbie Lawler was at his prime when he defended the welterweight title for the first time in 2015 at UFC 189. ‘Ruthless’ was challenged by his former opponent Rory MacDonald who was 18-2 at the time. The pair had met before in 2013 where Lawler won the match via unanimous decision.

Their rematch happened to be way too bloody compared to their first clash. The pair got heated up quickly in the first round, having already thrown intense punches at each other. The following round was a total bloodbath but Robbie Lawler got the better of MacDonald and knocked out MacDonald in the first round.

Dana White who witnessed the thrilling bout from the front seat talked about the aftermath of the battle following the main event.

“Robbie Lawler’s lip, if you could’ve been in the Octagon and saw this lip, he would talk and this part of the lip would move and the other part wouldn’t.” White said.

Lawler got a huge cut on his upper lip, while MacDonald was covered in blood in almost all of his face. However, that’s not so bad compared to what actually impacted MacDonald.

“[MacDonald’s] nose was broken. They asked him, when Rory got out back, they said, ‘what year is it?’ He didn’t know what year it was. First of all, it was a war. And a complete display of chin, heart, grit, dogged determination, and the will to win from both guys. When you talk about (the best) fights ever, that’s what I’m talking about.” White added.

Rory MacDonald left the UFC in 2016 and joined Bellator MMA the next year. He won the welterweight championship and defended it 2 times before losing it in 2019.

Dana White spoke about him during his appearance on MMA on SiriusXM and said how the Robbie Lawler bout impacted MacDonald so much.

“Yea, I think that it is a different situation because guys say they want to retire or do whatever and then just walk away. “

“And then there’s guys that I let go of, or girls that I let go of, because I think that it is time. You know, but there are other places they can go and make money. But yea I think that Rory (MacDonald) is not the same guy he was going into the Robbie Lawler .” White said.