What did Keith Peterson do? UFC fans turn on ref after awful call

In an event that was marred by a referee’s controversial mistake, the prelims bout between Ronnie Lawrence and Dan Argueta at UFC Vegas 75 ended in a No Contest.

Referee Keith Peterson’s blunder drew widespread attention as he prematurely halted the action, mistakenly interpreting a movement by Lawrence as a tap. The decision not only deprived both stars of a potential victory but also their win bonuses.

The incident unfolded during the intense matchup between Argueta and Lawrence when Argueta attempted a guillotine. As Lawrence adjusted his arm position, Peterson abruptly stopped the action, misinterpreting the movement as a submission signal.

The referee promptly acknowledged his error and declared the bout a No Contest, signifying that neither star could claim victory.

While some, like TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, believed that Peterson’s admission and the subsequent No Contest ruling were the best resolution given the circumstances, others, including former UFC champion Dominick Cruz, were less forgiving.

Cruz, who was on commentary duty for the event, openly criticized Peterson’s officiating, echoing his past concerns about the referee’s competency.

The controversy sparked a debate among UFC stars and fans, with many expressing disappointment over the implications of the No Contest decision. Losing out on win money and potential bonus opportunities, the men involved felt the impact of the referee’s mistake.

Suggestions were made that both should have been awarded their win money, considering the circumstances, or receive some form of additional compensation.

This incident was not the first time Dominick Cruz had clashed with Keith Peterson. Their animosity dates back to 2020 when Peterson prematurely stopped Cruz’s bout against Henry Cejudo at UFC 249.

Cruz raised concerns about the referee’s capability and even questioned his sobriety, claiming he could detect the smell of drinking coming off of the ref. The incident prompted Cruz to question whether UFC stars have the option to request a different referee for their bouts.