Watch UFC matchmaker have a live WTH reaction to the result of Grasso vs Shevchenko

In a highly anticipated rematch at Noche UFC, Alexa Grasso successfully defended her women’s flyweight championship against Valentina Shevchenko.

The opening round witnessed a display of striking excellence from both combatants. Shevchenko executed a precise body kick and a crisp 1-2 combination, countering Grasso’s kicks.

In response, the Mexican competitor landed a sharp straight left amidst the lively exchanges. Shevchenko’s body kicks coupled with Grasso’s adept defensive moves, set the stage for an enthralling start.

As the action intensified in the second round, Shevchenko sought to regain control but struggled to mount any significant offense. A minute into the round, Shevchenko delivered a 1-2 combination. But she faced a powerful straight right from Grasso that sent her sprawling across the canvas.

Despite enduring a relentless assault, Shevchenko rallied and executed a well-timed double-leg takedown. But she eventually found herself in Grasso’s guard. Grasso skillfully prevented Shevchenko from posturing up and managed to land punches from her back.

The third round saw Shevchenko initiating with a series of low kicks, which was met with Grasso’s sturdier jabs. Shevchenko swiftly transitioned into a double-leg takedown, securing half-guard position.

She then attempted a guillotine choke, briefly tightening the grip. Shevchenko subsequently transitioned to the back, effectively securing a body triangle.

In the championship rounds, Valentina Shevchenko strategically relied on her jab to accumulate points on the scorecards. But as the match drew to a close, Grasso seized an opportunity. She executed a takedown on Shevchenko and launched a series of submission attempts.

Ultimately, the judges declared the bout a split draw (48-47, 47—48, 47–47). Alexa Grasso ended up retaining the women’s flyweight championship.

Despite Valentina Shevchenko’s confidence in securing three rounds against Alexa Grasso, the judges’ verdict painted a different picture. The split draw decision left Shevchenko pondering her next move, uncertain about a potential third encounter with Grasso.

In the interview after the match, Shevchenko expressed her sentiments: “I was expecting a battle and I went through the war and fought till the end. I think I did enough. In a fair competition the victory would be mine.”