Volkanovski planning surgery to clear out a chipped bone in his left elbow, Abu Dhabi clash with Makhachev might happen

In a thrilling display of skill and dominance, Alex Volkanovski solidified his status as one of the greatest featherweights of all time with a resounding third-round TKO victory over Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290. The bout took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with former President Donald Trump in attendance.

Volkanovski, hailing from Wollongong, outshone his opponent in a striking duel against the formidable Taekwondo specialist, Rodriguez. This victory adds to Volkanovski’s impressive list of triumphs, including outwrestling Chad Mendes, surviving submission attempts from Brian Ortega, outstriking Max Holloway, and holding his ground against wrestler Islam Makhachev.

The 34-year-old showcased his technical prowess and strategic approach to systematically dismantle Rodriguez’s arsenal. “I nullified all of his main tools,” Volkanovski explained to codesports.com.au. “Those things he’s usually able to do, he wasn’t able to do them with me, and I was able to capitalize on that.”

“It’s funny, these people want extra time, here I’m telling you I’m gonna get surgery and I’m probably gonna turn up there in October.” – Volkanovski told media at UFC 290 presser.

Now, with his featherweight reign firmly established, Volkanovski has set his sights on another challenge—the lightweight division. He aims to secure a title bout against Islam Makhachev later in the year, following his arm surgery.

Despite the elbow injury that requires an operation to address a chipped bone in his elbow that prevents him from extending his arm the whole way through, Volkanovski’s dominance in the octagon and his popularity in Australia give him significant leverage.

Recovery for that kind of a procedure takes between 4 to 8 weeks and it’s generally considered a routine procedure.

UFC President Dana White acknowledged his exceptional talent and marketability, stating, “The guy is an absolute freak. He’s at one of those places, whatever he wants to do, what are we gonna say? He’s proved himself a million times.”

While Volkanovski’s success shone brightly, the presidential spectacle featuring Donald Trump added an unexpected twist to the event. However, for the Australian contingent, it served as a welcome distraction from the intense competition unfolding inside the Octagon.


Volkanovski’s remarkable performance and his aspirations for a lightweight title add an exciting dimension to the world of mixed martial arts.

We can’t wait to see how his game evolves in upcoming bouts.