(Video) Volkanovski does a celebration shoey after third title defense

Alexander Volkanovski is on top of the world right now.

The Australian featherweight just tied Max Holloway’s record of second-most title defenses in the division, (behind José Aldo with seven), with three consecutive defenses.

And while doing so, he looked nothing short of unstoppable.

Although he is known for always being competitive, Chan Sung Jung was completely outclassed during UFC 273.

The beating was so bad that Herb Dean had to step in and stop The Korean Zombie from taking further damage in the fourth round. After, Volkanovski even stated that he “felt bad” for the beating that his opponent had to endure.

The Australian champion is already considered one of the greatest featherweights of all time.

The champion is undefeated in the UFC and is currently on an outstanding 21-fight win streak.

After his main event at UFC 273, Volkanovski did as every good Australian does when there is a need for celebration. He performed the “shoey”.

The “Shoey” is the act of filling a show (preferably your own) with beer and then chugging it down… but with class.


The “shoey” is becoming a trademark for Australians in the UFC.

The iconic ritual was popularized by the Australian heavyweight Tai Tuivasa, who celebrates doing a shoey immediately after knocking someone out in the octagon.

The drinking ceremony is certainly bringing Australians good luck. Tuivasa is on a 5-fight win street on his way to challenge for the heavyweight belt, and Volkanovskihas cemented himself as one of the most dominant champions in the UFC right now.