Viral Ngannou shop video was a staged ad

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou recently took the internet by storm with an incident that turned out to be a staged promotional campaign.

Ngannou has showcased his formidable heavyweight prowess with numerous victories in the UFC, primarily through his striking skills.

During a time when UFC CEO Dana White had a more unusual approach to promoting Ngannou, making claims like “Francis has the world record for the most powerful punch. His punches are equivalent to 96 horsepower, more powerful than a 12-pound sledgehammer from full force overhead,” it seemed that even everyday tasks could pose a challenge for the mighty fighter.

The incident unfolded as surveillance footage captured Ngannou attempting to open a convenience store door, unaware that it was a “Push Only” door. His initial one-handed push caused the glass door to shatter, leaving Ngannou in disbelief.

Realizing his error, Ngannou subsequently pulled the door open and entered the store. The store owner, initially furious, confronted him, but the tension eased when Ngannou agreed to cover the damages. This led to a lighthearted moment where the two posed for a photo in front of the shattered door.

However, speculations emerged on Reddit, with users questioning the authenticity of the incident, suggesting it might be a well-planned marketing stunt. The alleged “security footage” was shared by a newly created Reddit account that posted across various MMA-related subreddits.

As it turns out, this unusual occurrence was indeed staged. Gymshark, a longtime sponsor of Ngannou, came forward and admitted their involvement in orchestrating the entire event. They posted a video explaining the stunt and its purpose.

The revelation left many netizens astonished, as they had been questioning the legitimacy of the incident. This cleverly devised marketing campaign showcased the power of modern marketing strategies and the ability of social media to blur the lines between reality and entertainment.