Viral KO backfires? Julius Francis was suspended and arrested after KO

A video showing the former British and Commonwealth champion Julius Francis knocking out a guy while working as a bouncer at Boxpark Wembley surfaced earlier this month.

The incident led to the suspension of Francis from his security job. However, Francis is still interested in a rematch with Mike Tyson.

Francis has recently talked to TMZ Sports. He claimed that he exercised his right to self-defense.

“I have the right to defend myself and that’s what I did. In the case of him coming towards me and raising his hands, like he was actually going to strike me, so I defended myself.”

Francis continued by saying that he had been temporarily detained by the police after the event. However, they had opted against taking any further action. Francis is now suspended from working security. He is striving to find a solution.

“What actually has happened, the SIA (Security Industry Authority) – they have actually suspended my license to work, so I can’t work at the moment anyway.”

“So I’m just trying to get that sorted, and then hopefully [I’ll be] back on the doors as soon as possible you know, get back to work.”


The topic swiftly changed from Francis’ previous incident to a possible comeback to the ring. He also talked about the opportunity to maybe face Mike Tyson again.

Francis had a 21-7 record and was a formidable British fighter. However, he had previously failed in attempts to win the European championship.

Francis said that he will take on Tyson once again. He said: “I’m going to put it out there. I’m going to say, yes. Yes, we can have a rematch. I don’t know if anybody will watch it, but I’m going to say, yes.”

“I have a daughter that tells me, ‘You’re not going to fight again,’ and I think to myself, ‘Who would I fight? Obviously people name Jake Paul or the other Paul or whatever and it’s a mega fight blah blah blah.”

“But them guys, they’re not in my category.”