(Viedo) Boxing match stopped via obscure rule ‘time wasting’ with boxers not engaging

Tyler Denny is a resilient 32-year-old British boxer who found himself on an extraordinary path towards the European middleweight championship. Despite nearly abandoning the sport a few years back, Denny orchestrated an impressive resurgence that led him to claim the coveted title.

After his first bout ended in a technical tie with River Wilson-Bent, Denny won the rematch via split decision to regain the English title. After that, he successfully defended the title by defeating undefeated 14-0 prospect Bradley Rea on points.

These wins positioned Denny strategically for a shot at the European title. His dream became a reality when he faced veteran champion Matteo Signani. Despite Signani’s experience, he struggled to match Denny’s youthful vigor and speed.

During the bout, a significant turn of events transpired between rounds seven and eight. The referee Philippe Wouters, the ringside doctor, and Signani’s corner discussed whether the match could go on.

And after that, it seemed as if some time was being wasted.

Signani sustained cuts from the previous round. His corner was very sluggish to exit the ring. He was also late to remove the Vaseline from his face and replace his gum shield.

The referee rushed over to the Italian’s corner to quicken the process since Denny was prepared to continue.

The match concluded unexpectedly as the referee waved off the contest while Signani’s corner attempted to put back his mouthpiece. While the precise reason for the stoppage remained unclear, Signani acknowledged Denny’s victory without protest.

After the match, Denny expressed his happiness. He stated: “This is the best. I’ve loved all week. To win the belt tops it all off. I thought he was tiring big time. I felt I was going to get him out there anyway.”

“Something always happens in my fights, maybe that’s why people come and watch.”

However, several fans found the stoppage puzzling. Speculations lingered among fans about the referee’s decision, given the absence of a clear knockdown or conclusive statements from Signani.

One wrote: “What made the referee come to that decision? There was no knockdown whatsoever.”

Another fan wrote: “I don’t understand what has just happened.”

However, Signani had no complaints and may now call it quits from the game.