(Video)”200-0″ street proven individual challenges MMA pro Chris “The Action Man” Curtis

Unlike many martial arts that make up mixed martial arts – MMA has a fanbase that often consists of individuals who don’t actually train. This makes the so called keyboard warriors easy bait to fool into thinking they would do better in a cage.

One such individual walked into Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and thought he should challenge an actual pro after accruing a “200-0” record in street altercations.

Chris Curtis was the man that stepped up to the challenge. Curtis will be replacing Darren Till in a bout against Jack Hermansson this next weekend at UFC London.

Curtis is 35 years old and has a professional record consisting of 29 wins and 9 losses with notable victories over Andre Fialho, Rodolfo Vieira and Phil Hawes.

Despite a long career in MMA, Curtis is on the verge of bankruptcy. Curtis called himself “hilariously broke” during a media scrum for UFC 268.

“I’m lucky because I live with my manager, so I’m not gonna be homeless. To be hilariously broke for me is reaching that point to where there was ten bucks in my bank account because we had some expenses before that. Being paid well on the regional scene doesn’t go as far as you think once you take out fees, taxes, management, all that stuff. Going into that UFC fight, the only reason I survived those three weeks was because Mick Maynard took care of me for weighing in. ”

“That saved me because I had nothing and after that I was down to like ten bucks in my bank account. Trying to catch up on bills and stuff and keep everything afloat. So, yeah you go into a UFC fight with $10 in your bank account it’s rough. It’s very rough, man.”

As for his match this weekend, Curtis predicted a 2nd round finish.
“I think he’s going to come out and we’re gonna touch gloves and he’s going to start shooting a lot. He’s going to want to press me into the cage, there do some damage but I think he’s going to be really surprised with the footwork and the wrestling defense. I think my wrestling beats his wrestling and I think I TKO him in two rounds.”