(Video) YouTuber tries to prank UFC lightweight – it backfires horribly

A recently surfaced video clip has caught the attention of online fans, showcasing an ill-fated prank attempted by a YouTuber on renowned UFC competitor Jalin Turner.

The YouTube prankster approached Turner and his entourage on the Las Vegas strip. However, the prank took a disastrous turn as it led to unforeseen consequences for the daring YouTuber.

The YouTuber pretended to engage in a phone conversation, and intentionally directed offensive remarks towards Turner and his companions.

He said: “I’ll smack the f*** out of him and his f****** boys.” He then went on to escalate the tension by challenging the group further by stating, “You heard what I said.”

Reacting swiftly, Turner and his entourage swiftly grabbed the YouTuber by the throat and forcefully pinned him to the ground. Although visibly terrified, the prankster pleaded for mercy and admitted that the entire incident was intended as a prank.

Thankfully, Turner and his entourage permitted the prankster to regain his footing as he continued to explain the nature of his joke. As the video neared its end, the YouTuber foolishly exclaimed “It was a prank…I’ll smack the f*** out of you dude,” before making a hasty escape.

Numerous Reddit users voiced their disapproval of the prankster’s behavior.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, one user commented: “Why can anything be deemed acceptable by quickly saying it’s a prank as the person is about to retaliate? What a degenerate culture the internet has produced”

Another user expressed concern for Turner, stating: “Mid-weight cut Turner… dude is lucky he didn’t get his head ripped off”

Nevertheless, a portion of Redditors chose to view the incident in a lighthearted manner.

One user even remarked, “The ending is kinda hilarious though”

Another recalled a similar occurrence involving Jamahal Hill, stating: “LMAOOO he did this to Jamahal Hill too”

In an interview with BroBible, Turner addressed the incident before his upcoming bout at UFC 290. When questioned about the prank, he offered his perspective by stating: “I wouldn’t say it went wrong, I would say it went exactly how it was supposed to go.”

Explaining his actions, he clarified: “He said something and I grabbed him, he’s lucky it was fight week or I probably would have thrown some hands.”

Turner will be returning to the Octagon at UFC 290 on Saturday, July 8th. His opponent will be Dan Hooker, and the event will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.