(Video) Young Joe Rogan ripped Steaven Seagal movies and explained UFC to Conan O’Brien

Joe Rogan’s association with the UFC dates back to 2002, when he first took on the role of a backstage interviewer. Over time, he transitioned into the role of a color commentator for the organization’s events.

Prior to gaining prominence in the UFC, Rogan was primarily recognized as a stand-up comedian and actor. His breakthrough came with the TV show ‘NewsRadio’, which aired from 1995 to 1999.

Rogan was invited to some of the top talk programs at the time because of his fame, one of which was hosted by well-known personality Conan O’Brien. Rogan didn’t hold back when discussing action movies in that interview, particularly those featuring Steven Seagal.

Rogan’s scathing critique stemmed from his genuine disdain for Seagal’s movies. He argued that they presented an unrealistic depiction of martial arts, emphasizing their impracticality and inaccuracy.

According to Rogan, Seagal’s portrayal of himself as the invincible hero in his films simply didn’t align with reality.

A longstanding debate has revolved around Steven Seagal’s prowess in the realm of MMA. But Joe Rogan made it obvious on his show, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ that he thinks Seagal is very talented.

During a conversation with Aljamain Sterling, Rogan attested to Seagal’s legitimate Aikido skills. He commended the martial artist and Hollywood actor for his remarkable technique, particularly in his younger years.

While talking to Aljamain Sterling, Rogan emphasized that despite Seagal’s eccentric public persona he had an impressive background in Aikido. Notably, Seagal holds the distinction of being the first American to teach at a Japanese dojo and is fluent in Japanese.

But Rogan aptly pointed out that while Aikido boasts its own merits, its principles and techniques often diverge significantly from those commonly employed in mixed martial arts.