(Video) Yikes, Elbows to the back of the head earned a DQ for this MMA star

A recent MMA match saw a disqualification due to a guy delivering elbows to the back of his opponent’s head.

Shamrock FC is a well-known MMA and kickboxing promotion based in Missouri. Established in 1999, SFC has a rich history of hosting a multitude of mixed events. Their most recent event, Shamrock FC 348, took place on October 14 in Kansas City, Missouri.

True to their tradition, Shamrock FC 348 featured a diverse array of matchups encompassing both MMA and kickboxing. The event provided a platform for not only seasoned athletes but also up-and-coming and amateur fighters. The amateurs and newcomers showcased their skills in the opening matches, while the more experienced starstook center stage in the main card.

However, it was the main event of Shamrock FC 348 that left the audience in disbelief. The headline bout featured a heavyweight clash between John Ott and Carlton Little. To the astonishment of everyone present, the match concluded with a disqualification, and it happened just seconds into the opening round.

The bout began with an intense exchange, as both Ott and Little aggressively pursued a quick victory. Ott managed to pin Little against the cage in a clinch. In an attempt to break free, Little delivered a series of brutal elbows to the back of Ott’s head.

The referee promptly issued a warning to Little and even paused the fight to get his point across. However, Little disregarded the caution and continued to rain down vicious elbows on Ott, who remained in the clinch, the strikes growing even more impactful. As a result, Ott’s head began to bleed profusely.

Recognizing the perilous situation, the referee intervened by stopping the fight. He separated the fighters and held Little against the cage. Ott, his head smeared with blood, regained his footing. Subsequently, Carlton Little was disqualified by the referee.

The disqualification handed John Ott a successful return to the win column, following previous losses to Bobby Lashley and a no-contest against Jake Rosholt. Ott’s professional record now stands at 9 wins, 8 losses, and 1 no-contest. In contrast, Carlton Little faced his third consecutive loss in his return match, having been inactive since 2019.