(Video) Yikes! Cyril Gane admits he doesn’t train in between camps ahead of UFC 285 Jon Jones clash

Cyril Gane is going to face veteran Jon Jones at UFC 285 for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship. Jones is an undefeated multi-time champion who’s moving up to the 265-pound division. Many are calling this bout the biggest test of Gane’s skills.

Gane previously faced Francis Ngannou in January of 2022 and got outwrestled to the surprise of everyone. The contest ended with a unanimous decision for Francis Ngannou.

Now, while the Frenchman is one of the most athletic men in his division, he said that he doesn’t take training too seriously. In an interview, Gane revealed that he only trains when there’s a matchup for him. He attributed this to his lazy attitude.

“I love grappling. But unfortunately, I’m lazy. That’s the truth. I only train when a fight is announced.”

The former interim champion also said that his life outside the cage is very hectic. So in order to rest up and make time for his loved ones, he usually skips training. Gane does feel guilt for doing this though.

“I have a lot of media obligations, professional opportunities outside of the sport. You can’t say no to all these things. I also have to give time to my family, rest well…..”

“If I look back at my career, this is a regret. I only train when a fight is announced.”

He recalled last training for his matchup against rising star Tai Tuivasa. Gane faced him at UFC on ESPN+ 67 in a spectacular showdown, which he won via TKO.

“I had my fight against [Tai] Tuivasa (in September), barely trained since then,”

He said that he didn’t resume training until his bout with Jon Jones was announced. Gane was only matched against Jones when he replaced Francis Ngannou. The “Predator” left the UFC and vacated his title.

“And now I’m back at it since the Jones fight has been announced.”

Fans have mixed responses to Gane’s claims.

Some are praising him for being a family man and taking care of himself. They’re pointing out how there are other top athletes who have the same routine.

Others are saying that it’s the downside of how talented he is and that he should take training more seriously.