(Video) Woodley’s coach Din Thomas parodies Herb Dean’s complete lack of willingness to referee

Herb Dean recently went viral for his flirting outside of a cage at a UFC event. But this isn’t Dean’s first brush with fame. Dean often goes viral for his notoriously late reactions that compromise the health of athletes in the cage.

Despite all that he’s one of the most famous referees in MMA. A lot of people question if he’s playing company man for UFC with his late stoppages and lack of willingness to call it a day when athletes are clearly done.

All this and more got parodied viciously by Tyron Woodley’s MMA coach – Din Thomas. Thomas is often on hand for UFC broadcasts and offers an expert’s take on an event. Thomas is also a jokester.

This time he donned full braid attire to mimic Dean and shared an epic video of his troll online.

Dean is 2–3 in professional MMA with one win coming via submission and the other via technical knockout.

He was active from 2001 until 2007. Dean is also somewhat internet famous for his late reactions.

Dean is also often criticized for his late reactions and some peculiar choices. Notably, he let Brian Ortega keep competing against Volkanovski despite his inability to correctly identify how many fingers he was seeing.