(Video) Woman tackled after trying to storm the cage following Charles Oliveira victory at UFC 274

A fan rushed to the cage just after the main event of UFC 274 concluded.

After Charles Oliveira choked out Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 274, a female fan had to be restrained from getting into the cage.

The lady leaped from her place in the audience onto the stage that surrounded the octagon. At that time, Charles Oliviera had forced his adversary to tap out in the first round. The fan then started climbing the barrier before being tackled by a security officer.


The lady seemed bewildered and tried to flee the Footprint Center in Phoenix. However, she was apprehended by security officers who led her away just as Gaethje was exiting the octagon to return to his locker room.


Oliveira was allowed to enjoy his win. However, his lightweight title was taken away from him when he failed to make weight on Friday. Later this year, the 32-year-old will face a top contender – the rumored opponents at this point are Islam Makachev, Michael Chandler, and Conor McGregor.

After his 11th consecutive UFC win, Oliveira remarked, “There’s something wrong here. The champion’s name is Charles Oliveira. I made weight Thursday and you took my belt away. I’m a problem for the entire division. I am the champion. This is my title. It should be here.


Gaethje remained silent following his second loss in three bouts. This was his second consecutive loss in a championship battle. He subsequently posted on social media: “Name of the game. Appreciate all the love. Congratulations to Charles Oliveira.


In 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov choked out the American in what turned out to be the Russian’s last match before retiring as the unbeaten champion. Last year, Gaethje got back to winning by defeating Michael Chandler in an all-time classic.


Dustin Poirier has been out of action since his second consecutive win over McGregor. However, he called Gaethje out after he lost to Oliveira. Poirier defeated Gaethje in a thriller in 2018 and is open to the possibility of a sequel.