(Video) Who needs underhooks, just KO the guy? Highly unusual finish

In a recent Own Style Fighting Championship (OSFC) match, spectators witnessed a rare moment as an athlete utilized an unconventional knockout technique, delivering a stunning blow to his opponent while pinned against the ropes.

OSFC, a relatively small mixed martial arts promotion based in Russia, has been making waves since its establishment in 2019. Despite its size, the organization has consistently offered a platform for local talents to kickstart and elevate their careers. The promotion boasts a roster filled with promising athletes who consistently deliver impressive performances.

The recent event featured several captivating matches, with standout moments and intense finishes. Amid the excitement, one particular bout gained viral attention on social media. Despite the relative newness of both athletes to professional mixed martial arts, they engaged in a fierce clash, providing fans with an exhilarating display of combat sports.

What made this confrontation even more intriguing was the unique setting. OSFC’s arena is a blend of MMA cage and boxing ring, featuring an octagonal shape with ropes replacing the traditional cage fence. The ground, made of a softer mat compared to the usual canvas, added an unconventional element to the matches.

The horn sounded, signaling the start of the bout, and both athletes wasted no time charging towards each other. The back-and-forth battle unfolded, showcasing moments of brilliance from both fighters and intensifying the overall excitement. However, the thrill was short-lived.

In the midst of the heated exchange, the athlete in the red trunk attempted a double leg takedown on his opponent, ultimately pinning the black trunk-wearing opponent against the ropes. In a departure from the expected strategy of aiming for an underhook, the red trunk athlete surprised everyone with a different approach. From beneath his opponent’s arms, he unleashed a series of punches to the face, ultimately rendering his adversary unconscious.

The unconventional nature of this knockout made it a rare and remarkable occurrence. The precision required to strike the opponent’s face from such an awkward position added an extra layer of difficulty. As the punches landed, the black trunk athlete slumped to the ground, prompting the referee to declare the red trunk athlete the victor.

This extraordinary finish not only captivated the audience but also gained attention on social media platforms, solidifying OSFC’s reputation for delivering unique and unpredictable moments in the world of mixed martial arts.