(Video) When Usman hugged it out with Woodley’s mom after snatching the UFC title from Woodley

Deborah Woodley, mother of former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, was seen comforting her son’s opponent after his title win at the UFC 235 event in Las Vegas.

The emotional moment came after Woodley was defeated by Usman via unanimous decision, handing over his title as the UFC Welterweight Champion. As Usman walked back stage, he spotted Woodley’s mother and rushed to her side, offering words of comfort and reassurance.

In an emotional exchange, Deborah Woodley was heard saying, “It’s okay. It’s all good, baby. It’s all good. It’s all good, honey. Bless your heart. It’s all good. It’s your time. It ain’t his time. It’s your time. You’re in purpose. You hear me? And keep on working, because they’re gonna come for you…”

The poignant moment highlights the importance of good sportsmanship and support in times of defeat and disappointment. Deborah Woodley’s words of encouragement and love for her son’s opponent were a beacon of hope.

The UFC 235 event, which took place on March 2, 2019, saw Kamaru Usman, a Nigerian-American mixed martial artist, defeat Tyron Woodley to claim the UFC Welterweight Championship title. The matchup was highly anticipated, with both boasting impressive records in the UFC. Usman’s victory marked a significant milestone in his career, he became the very first African born UFC champion with the win.

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While Woodley’s defeat was a difficult one to swallow, his mother’s behavior is a testament to how a good person behaves in good times and in bad.

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After his UFC career, Tyron Woodley transitioned into professional boxing, notably facing Jake Paul twice. In their first encounter on August 29, 2021, Woodley went the distance, becoming the first to do so against Paul, but lost via split decision. They had a rematch on December 18, 2021, where Woodley was knocked out in the sixth round.

It’s believed that the two matches were a lucrative venture for Woodley.

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Additionally, Woodley ventured into coaching in a reality TV series for Hardcore FC promotion alongside Luke Rockhold, filmed in the United Arab Emirates.