“If It Was A Dive, I Wish They Told Me About It” – Tyron Woodley’s Coach

Tyron Woodley’s coach seemed devastated at the outcome of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II. Longtime coach of Tyron Woodlet, Din Thomas recently rebuffed rumors that the spectacular finish of the fight was rigged.

This is the latest round of this rumor being debunked. Previously UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou expressed his opinion on the topic.
For Ngannou – Jake Paul’s boxing was nothing special until he witnessed that fateful Woodley knock out.

“Honestly, I was impressed by Jake Paul. I didn’t see that coming. I was sure that Tyron Woodley was gonna win this fight,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports on Wednesday. “But you’ve got to give it to Jake Paul. He made a huge statement.”

“You better take him seriously, because he proved it,” says Ngannou.

Former Middleweight champion Michael Bisping also weighed in on the topic when a mysterious account popped up on tiktok and shared the following clip.


@vvs.madeJake Paul signals the right hand and Woodley magically drops the left hand, fake fight. wwe show♬ if u a jake paul fan u automatically gay – Tik Toker

The account contains no other clips, links or anything that would help determine the source of this.
While vvs.made and many others question the legitimacy of the outcome it’s interesting to point out that the boxing fight was a snooze upto that point and this outcome definitely saved the card, sort of speak.

Still it doesn’t seem likely Woodley would be faking concerned family calls or confusion after. Even the ringside interviewer didn’t dare ask him any questions as he appeared absent.

Former Middleweight Champion of the UFC Michael Bisping is ready to call it legit. On a new episode of Believe You Me podcast he refuted the conspiracies floating online:

 “It’s ridiculous! Anytime somebody gets beat, knocked out, something like that, these conspiracy theories start going around. There’s no way Tyron Woodley’s gonna do that. Secondly, I’ve seen enough knockouts to know when one is real. That looked f*cking real. The fight wasn’t real. The fight was garbage, it was piss poor, it was sh*t, it was nonexistent. The best thing that happened to Jake Paul was him actually landing – it was just a solid shot. The kid can bang, simple as that. He’s a big, strong, young kid. Boom. That’s not a fix!”

 Speaking to MMA on SiriusXM, Thomas said:

“That whole theory, it makes me laugh because being in his camp, I know how serious it was. It was serious like Tyron really wanted this win back. He really wanted this fight. It was a serious thing. Now, if it was a dive, I wish they told me about it because I wouldn’t have showed up and took the night off. I’d be like partying but that wasn’t the case. I mean it was a real, legit fight.”