(Video) When a UFC flyweight got challenged by a random guy on the street

Muhammad Mokaev is a rising flyweight in the UFC. He recently shared about the time he encountered a group of individuals on the street who dared to challenge him. However, when one man stepped forward to accept the challenge, Mokaev swiftly humbled him.

At the tender age of 22, Muhammad Mokaev stands as one of the youngest and most promising athletes currently competing in the UFC. With an impeccable record of 10 victories and 1 no-contest in his professional career, he remains undefeated.

Having made his debut in the UFC just last year, Mokaev has already made a significant impact, boasting an impressive 4-0 record. Currently ranked at number 11 in the flyweight division, his exceptional wrestling skills have played a pivotal role in his success, resulting in 5 submission victories out of his total 10 wins.

While Mokaev was born in Dagestan, his formative years were spent in England, where he diligently honed his freestyle wrestling abilities, earning numerous championship accolades. However, it was around two years ago, when Mokaev was a mere 20 years old, that he faced ridicule from a group of young individuals who underestimated him.

Fuelled by their overconfidence, these individuals believed they could easily overpower Mokaev. Rising to the occasion, Mokaev fearlessly offered to demonstrate his capabilities. Engaging in a friendly match, he swiftly dominated his opponent, effortlessly submitting him within seconds. The defeated challenger could only muster, “I wasn’t ready.” Recently, Mokaev graciously shared footage of this remarkable encounter through his account.

As one of the most promising young athletes in the UFC, Mokaev has garnered substantial acclaim from fans who view him as a potential future champion. His most recent appearance inside the octagon took place in March at UFC 286, where he faced off against Jafel Filho. Despite finding himself in a precarious position, Mokaev exhibited tremendous resilience, ultimately seizing victory via a third-round submission.

The anticipation among fans for Mokaev’s next bout is palpable, with fervent discussions abound regarding his next opponent. However, the UFC has yet to provide any official confirmation regarding the date or the identity of his next challenger. Nevertheless, Mokaev himself has dropped hints suggesting that his upcoming bout could potentially be at UFC 292 in Boston, slated for August, and it is expected to feature a formidable adversary ranked among the best.