(Video) When Stuntman/Bodybuilder Martyn Ford Trained BJJ in the Gi

Martyn Ford is acclaimed actor and bodybuilder who is looking to enter the world of MMA. Ford has an imposing figure, standing at 6’8″. He has not only made a name for himself in the realms of acting and bodybuilding but has also ventured into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Ford started training in BJJ a few years ago. Currently, he finds himself back on the mats at Gracie Barra. He is determined to deepen his understanding and proficiency in this martial art.

While the phrase “size doesn’t matter” is often upheld in Jiu-Jitsu, grappling with someone of Ford’s remarkable size and physique introduces a distinctive challenge compared to opponents of smaller stature.

In the video, Ford says: “You can see the difference between this type of training and training in a gym is huge, but the training that we are doing in the gym is so specific and so relatable to this work, it’s essentially make sure are you doing outside jiu-jitsu or MMA actually marries up to what you’re doing inside the gym.”

For Ford, it was important that his fitness regime aligned with and supported his martial arts training. Coming from a background in bodybuilding, he recognizes the need to tailor his workouts to get the most.

He continues: “A lot of people know that I come from a fitness background. So for me, it was always extremely important that I was getting the right work done behind the scenes to allow me to really benefit from here.”

The next several months will be an exciting and challenging journey. He’s committed to putting in the hard work needed to see results.

“We’ve got eight months down till the fight, and this genuinely is the starting point. So what we achieve over the next six to eight months is gonna be, it’s gonna be interesting.”

Sadly his MMA bout ended up falling through. Ford went through a prolongued saga with the Iranian Hulk, with the Hulk ultimately having a mental breakdown that forced Ford out and a replacement was put in place.

Training with dedication and a tailored fitness plan, Ford is priming himself for success in his martial arts goals. The intense workout marked a new challenge for Ford, who seeks to expand his athletic skills. Though new to BJJ, he demonstrates the work ethic and mental fortitude to excel in any arena he chooses.

A video shows insights into Ford’s progress and experiences on the mats.

After just a couple of sessions, Ford displayed competent defense, control, submissions, and fearsome power. Training partners described the “unbearable” pressure applied by Ford, which surprised them given his short time training.