(Video) When Shaq claimed he let Oscar De La Hoya beat him in boxing

Shaquille O’Neal claimed that during their 2009 boxing match, he handed Oscar De La Hoya a free pass. The match was a part of the ‘Shaq Vs.’ TV series, in which the legendary basketball player put himself to the test by taking against other legendary sportsmen in their respective sports.

In a surprising revelation, O’Neal disclosed that his boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya was more of a friendly gesture than a competitive brawl.

During a previous interview, Shaq candidly admitted to withholding his full power during the bout against De La Hoya. He cited their friendship as the primary reason.

Shaq confessed: “I held back because he’s my friend.”

The showdown between Shaquille O’Neal and Oscar De La Hoya unfolded on September 8, 2009. It took place at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Paradise, Nevada. The match comprised four intense two-minute rounds, followed by a brief one-minute fifth round.

Although tiny, De La Hoya outclassed O’Neal and won the match by a unanimous decision. However, Shaq claimed that De La Hoya didn’t intend to harm his buddy.

O’Neal also asked TMZ to watch his last boxing match, in which he “turned it up a little.” Shaq was alluding to his boxing bout on August 10, 2010. The match took place during Season 2 of the same program versus former champion Shane Mosley. In the match, O’Neal seemed more hostile and made an attempt to follow Mosley around the ring.

According to Mosley, the 8-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao punched harder than the NBA star. However, O’Neal clearly hit numerous heavy blows that seemed to rattle Mosley. But after five rounds, Shaq was upset when all three judges gave the boxing icon a 48-47 victory.

Even though Shaquille O’Neal lost both of his exhibition bouts against De La Hoya and Mosley, it’s still amazing that he was able to box two previous Olympians. Shaq entertained the crowd as usual and demonstrated that when it came to business, he was a formidable competitor outside of the basketball court.