(Video) When MMA veteran overreacted on Survivor and broke another contestant’s nose

A female mixed martial artist sparked controversy during an episode of Survivor Romania a while ago, a reality show focused on survival challenges and competition. The incident occurred during a simple throwing game, where teams competed for victory. Unfortunately, the team led by a professional mixed martial artist suffered defeat. Rather than handling the loss gracefully, she erupted into a tantrum.

Post-match, she aggressively confronted a member of the opposing team, delivering forceful blows including a headbutt that resulted in a broken nose for her opponent, identified as Andrei Ciobanul. As Ciobanul writhed in pain, the MMA fighter, Ana Maria Pal, defended her actions by stating that he “deserved it.” Consequently, she faced expulsion from the show.

The altercation was captured on camera and circulated on social media, quickly gaining traction and drawing widespread condemnation. Many criticized Pal’s behavior, particularly given her status as a professional athlete expected to demonstrate better composure and sportsmanship. Pal, known for competing in the flyweight division, boasts a record of 3 wins and 5 losses in her MMA career, which began in 2018.

Following the incident, Pal faced backlash from various prominent figures in the Romanian community, including fellow MMA fighter and UFC contender Diana Belbita. Belbita took to Instagram to express her disappointment, emphasizing that such behavior does not align with the standards expected of professional athletes.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining composure and sportsmanship, even in the face of adversity, particularly for athletes in the public eye.