(Video) When mixed martial artist was KOed stiff standing

For a while now, UFC fans have been familiar with delayed knock outs.

In the context of mixed martial arts, a delayed knockout refers to a situation where a competitor is knocked out or incapacitated by a strike, but they don’t immediately fall or collapse.

Instead, they remain on their feet or in a standing position for a brief moment before eventually succumbing to the effects of the strike and falling to the ground.

This delayed reaction can sometimes create a dramatic visual spectacle in MMA, as it showcases the resilience and determination before ultimately being rendered unable to continue.

It is worth noting that the term “delayed knockout” is not an official or technical term in MMA, but rather a descriptive phrase used by fans and observers to characterize such instances.

This next video shows something even more peculiar, a case of a competitor getting KOed stiff – all while remaining standing on his feet.

In this case, Antonio Marcos narrowly avoided hitting the canvas, face first, thanks to the presence of a sturdy chain-linked fence.

Marcos, competing in a middleweight bout against Husein Kushagov at ACA 126 in Sochi, Russia, encountered a series of unfortunate events that led to an unusual outcome.

In the latter stages of the second round, Kushagov swiftly closed the distance, delivering a forceful left blow to Marcos’ midsection. Without hesitation, he followed it up with a powerful right hook that landed squarely on Marcos’ chin.

The impact of the punch caused Marcos’ body to tense up instantly, causing him to fall backward. However, he managed to remain partially upright due to the cage’s support, resulting in a visually astonishing scene.

The referee jumped in, helping deposit his passed out body safely on the ground.


With this loss, Marcos might want to reconsider a future in MMA. He had competed once since – and lost due to a body kick KO making his MMA record 16-8.