(Video) When McGregor got roasted for taking welfare

In his prime days, Conor McGregor was known as the king of trashtalk with nobody being able to match him on the mic. However, that doesn’t means that he’s never taken an L when it comes to trash talk.

One of the rare occasions when he struck out on the mic was during the UFC 205 media day against former lightweight champion rival Eddie Alvarez.

Alvarez used the Irishman’s past to attack him, telling McGregor:

“You’re on welfare bro, you ain’t no man you took welfare. Don’t you talk about money, you took money from single moms. “

“Single moms going welfare, not men. Don’t talk about money, alright? Keep your mouth shut when talk about money,” Alvarez said, ripping the Irishman out.

While trying to return fire, McGregor seemed agitated and unable to find any proper timing to reply. He then choose to go silent while Alvarez ended his comment.

However, despite losing a round during the media day, ‘The Notorious’ made a comeback as he obliterated Alvarez during the pre-fight press conference. On one occasion, one of McGregor’s fans disguised himself as the media crew and mocked the reigning lightweight champion to his face.

The rivalry didn’t end there, he also beat Alvarez in a one-sided beatdown during the UFC 205 main event. That night, he dropped Alvarez four times to secure a second-round TKO victory, making him the first UFC champion to simultaneously hold two belts in two different divisions.