(Video) When K1 star was paid to attend the opening of a Systema gym

A sparring match between a Systema practitioner and a kickboxer has ignited controversy on social media platforms, with viewers questioning the authenticity of the encounter.

Originating from Russia, Systema is a martial art distinguished by its focus on efficient movement, controlled breathing, and the utilization of natural instincts for defense. Unlike traditional martial arts, Systema prioritizes adaptability over rigid techniques, teaching practitioners to fluidly employ strikes, joint locks, and grappling maneuvers in diverse situations.

Despite its unique approach, Systema has garnered criticism from many within the martial arts community, who perceive it as impractical for real-world scenarios. Moreover, the proliferation of staged “no-touch” demonstrations has further diminished its credibility in contemporary combat sports.

The latest viral video features a sparring session between two individuals within a gym setting. One participant, adopting a kickboxing style, dons boxing gloves, while his counterpart, representing Systema, opts for casual attire.

As the sparring commences, observers note the lackluster performance from the kickboxing practitioner, who appears sluggish and fails to deliver impactful strikes. Conversely, the Systema practitioner’s movements, though unconventional, exhibit fluidity reminiscent of cinematic depictions.

Despite skepticism from onlookers, the Systema practitioner maintains dominance throughout the match, eventually securing victory through submission over his opponent.

The video’s circulation prompted widespread criticism, with many viewers dubbing it cringe-worthy and questioning the legitimacy of the encounter. Additional context provided by online commentators revealed that the kickboxing participant, identified as retired professional Teddy Constantine from Romania, was reportedly compensated $1500 for his participation in the promotional sparring session.

Furthermore, speculation emerged suggesting that the sparring match served as a promotional tactic for the inauguration of a Systema dojo, allegedly sponsored by the Russian embassy.