(Video) When Ito got smashed on his face

An old clip resurfaced recently, capturing a riveting moment from an intense MMA match that quickly went viral. In a stunning display of power and technique, an athlete delivered a devastating knockout by slamming his opponent’s face onto the canvas.

Shooto, renowned for its rich history and exciting matchups, has been a prominent fixture in the world of mixed martial arts. Over the years, the promotion has showcased numerous memorable events and produced exceptional athletes. Among the countless thrilling moments within Shooto’s archives, one particularly memorable incident stands out—a jaw-dropping slam knockout at Shooto: Shooting Disco 4, a major event held in Tokyo, Japan, back in 2008.

The electrifying moment unfolded during a bantamweight showdown between Shintaro Ishiwatari and Kazuhiro Ito on the main card. Both competitors, highly touted for their skills, delivered an action-packed performance that captivated audiences from start to finish.

The bout commenced with a fierce exchange of strikes, showcasing the tenacity and determination of both Ishiwatari and Ito. However, as the contest progressed, Ito seized control with a strategic shift to grappling, asserting dominance over Ishiwatari.

In a pivotal moment, the fighters found themselves entangled in a precarious position, with Ito securing a tight head scissor choke on Ishiwatari. Despite the perilous predicament, Ishiwatari exhibited remarkable resilience, defying expectations with a stunning comeback.

Summoning every ounce of strength, Ishiwatari managed to rise to his feet while still ensnared in Ito’s grip. With unparalleled athleticism and determination, he hoisted Ito into the air and executed a thunderous slam onto the canvas. The impact was ferocious, with Ito’s face bearing the brunt of the force.

The slam rendered Ito unconscious, prompting the referee to swiftly intervene and declare Ishiwatari the victor. The sheer power and precision of Ishiwatari’s maneuver left spectators in awe, highlighting the effectiveness of such techniques in MMA competition.

While body slams are a recognized tactic in MMA, Ishiwatari’s execution of a face slam is a rare occurrence. The sudden and forceful impact of such a maneuver can lead to severe injuries, including trauma to the neck and spine, often resulting in dizziness or loss of consciousness.

The resurfacing of this unforgettable moment serves as a testament to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of MMA, showcasing the extraordinary feats achieved by its elite athletes.